Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a little bit pressure.

Assalamualaikum guy..

How are you today? hehehe...before I start to tell what happen today in my life..please look at 2 pictures looks yummy..I searched them before something happen today.

~it looks soooooo fresh right~

~wow..delicious hmmmm~

Well..the main point now is not about how delicious it is but it's all about strawberry. I found that it gives me something feeling....happy & cheerful...hehe...I love to look these 2 pictures. ^_^

Am I love to eat strawberry? The answer is I like to eat something mix with strawberry like ice cream, yogurt and so on... But, if too looks like difficult for me to finish it..haaaa....

After I searched these pictures, I came out to write about my favorite fruits so I searched related pictures. Suddenly, new tab toppup...It told me that my security (lappy) was in dangerous since many trojan and malware viruses. After scanned, it told me to buy this one antivirus if not I can't online at all. It really gave me a bulk of tense in my head. Furthermore, one by one my friend speak about additional of fee for my study next semester. It is not common fee but it is new one and never administrator or lecturer tell us about that. Everything is all about MONEY. Honestly, when it comes MONEY my head cannot stop thinking about it.

Then, I clicked on antivirus avira icon in my desktop and I started to update and scan all the system. FYI, I use Karpersky before this for my antivirus but since I format the lappy, the computer repair shop changed the window and they install Avira. I do not know why, I HATE AVIRA. Someone I met at this shop said this Avira in my lappy is NOT SO STRONG since that time still have virus in my lappy. OMG!!!! then why you install that!!! well..i just spoke out that in my heart..If I want, I really want to give him 5 flying kicks. Serve you right.

After scanned, I can online right now. Thank to God. I can smile little bit right now.^_^

I do not know why today I feel something not right. I feel like I just wanna more to..what people say...very passive... not very la...just not have passion to communicate.

What can I say..I'm SORRY...

ok la..until here...
Maybe next entry I will talk about what are fruits I like to eat and what are fruits I'll not to eat even it really good for our health.
So, be patient k..^_^

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