Sunday, November 10, 2013

Broga Hills~ wish came true


Alhamdulillah...sekian 5 bulan xupdate blog..akhirnya ada gak kesempatan, cerita dan mood utk post blog..Alhamdulillah gak...walau kerja biasa2 aje...tapi no stress at all and happy...even ada gak yg kurang yg i'm still searching to fulfill my responsible as a slave to my God.

So, what am i gonna to story here just one of my activity done with my colleagues. Actually, since started worked had one activitiy done by my company. I'm not remember whether i told in this blog or not. The activity was ate steamboat at Bandar Pinggiran Subang, not far from my rental house and company. It just took 15-20 minutes to arrive.

After that on 19th Oct. 2013, I spent time together with my close colleagues played bowling at The Curve, then karaoke at Firezone at Kota Damansara. The places just took around plus minus 20-30 minutes from my company. That was Saturday and we planed to hike Broga Hill for the next day. After arrived my rental house, me and my colleague, Gee cooked Sardin for sandwich and nugget to eat them at the peak of Broga Hill.

We departed at 5.15 am on Sunday and arrived at the Broga's foothills around 6.45am. That time, the sun already started to show its face since Fajr early around 5.55am if i'm not mistaken. If your stamina is good then it just take half  an hour to arrive first peak. The view from this peak already nice if you take the picture. It is still have another three peaks but in my opinion the best view you should take the picture is at the first and second peak.

*Second peak*

However, we stopped at second peak to have our breakfast which are sardin sandwich and nugget. After half an hour, four of us decided to continue hiked until the third peak only because you need to climb the big rock by using a rope to arrive fourth peak. Moreover, like I said the view not so nice from there. The other two person stayed at the second peak to take short sleep since that was their first time need to wake up early. That's their answer not me ya..hehe..

*yeow, mie, me, gee, zani*

 *yeow, me, abg ad, mie, gee*

 *breakfast time*

*view third peak from second base peak*

* at third peak*

At 9.30am we decided to down the hill. After arrived foothill, we stayed around 1 hour because one of the driver needed to sleep before continue drive. After that, we ate lunch at Kota Damansara and I arrived my rental house around 2 pm.

* Foothill*

Hiked Broga Hill make me wanna to hike another hill and wish to do come back by hiking any mountain. But, I'm not sure since I dun have most of the hiking equipments required because once back I already decided to stop hike any mountain.

So, I'm waiting for the opportunity to do another adventure activities..