Monday, August 8, 2011

Someone out there..

Assalamualaikum everyone..

This is my second entry for today. This entry is not talk about fruits I like to eat yet but someone out there who I think want to insult Islam. Before this I never read blog someone who insult Islam either from others religious or from Islam itself. wowowowowowo...wait...Can we call someone who insult Islam as MUSLIM or MUSLIMAH anymore? logically..not anymore...

Just now, I just found blog from someone out there who insult Islam..insult my Prophet...That someone is Islam based on what 'that someone' wrote. But, the way 'that someone' talk about Islam and Prophet really not reflect 'that someone' is Islam. 'That someone' not only write but edited pictures of Kaabah at MasjidilHaram that show very clear as insulting Islam. Not that, there are also video in 'that someone' blog. However, I do not have courage to hear it.

From my reading in 'that someone' blog, 'that someone' often associate UMNO with Islam. Must be 'that someone' really hate UMNO. Besides that, 'that someone' talk about Dato' Sri Najib. I do not know why 'that someone' can write all those things without feel guilty especially when 'that someone insult Islam and the Prophet s.a.w.

I hope 'that someone' at least could repent before soul separate from the body and much better if can repent earlier because we do not know when we die and where we will die.

Nowadays, I feel that Malaysia do not have a stabilize political. More worse, it is not only about politic but religion too. Seem everyone fighting for the power. There are so much defamation now and I can only pray for national safety and sanctity of Islam. Amin..

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