Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spread the Positiveness


I just want to share with you the input that my mom got from her participation in talk with Prof Muhaya..
I do not know what its tittle but mostly about to bring positiveness attitude in workplace..
What is the most interesting in this talk is the experiment done by Prof Muhaya..

The experiment is want to show that how positive attitude or feeling can make our body stand strong and to show how bad or negative attitude or feeling can cause our body immune drop..

There are two parts..first the effect of our attitude or feeling to our body and second is the effect of people around us attitude to our body..

PM: prof Muhaya, A= audience

First Part:
PM asked the A to lift his right hand to the same level of his chest. Then PM asked A to think about someone whose he really love to communicate, work with or so on. After that, PM pushed down A's hand only with one finger. The result was it was hard for PM to push down A's hand.

Second experiment was PM asked to do the same thing with different question that was to think someone whose he really hate. The result was it was easy to push down A's hand.

Third question was what is A's love to do and last question was what is A's fear..the result was hard for PM to push down the A's hand and easy for PM pushed down A's hand, respectively.

Second part:
PM asked A's eyes being closed and told to other audience to give the feeling toward A. With sign, one for love two for otherwise. After that, PM said one..then, PM tried to push down A's hand. It was hard to push down A's hand while PM said two...so easy PM pushed down A's hand. It was repeatedly done and give the same result. Then, A was told to open his eyes and PM explained to him what kind of other audience need to do.

I was impressed by my mom's story and asked her to do the experiment to me..the result was yes..when our mind and feeling is positive we have strong ability and otherwise if we have negative thinking. It really made me laughed for several minutes for that. Next day, I asked my sister to do the same thing..and she also laughed because it is all true... XD

So, this is why my entry entitle Spread the Positiveness!!
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