Sunday, January 13, 2013

Empty Heart (Jiwa kosong)


Yes...itu la word yang dapat menggambarkan apa yang aku rasa sekarang..
jiwa aku kosong..
no excitement..
want to feel happy tapi jiwa rasa biasa2 ajer...
i'm craving for something extraordinary unexpected fun thing...
doing crazy thing..
that is what i think i want..
but i'm not sure whether that is really really what i want..
well, sometime when we have empty heart it might have something wrong with relationship with our Creator too..
so, i do not know which one reason give me that empty heart..
Always my problem where i do not know the reason when something wrong happen to me..
Oh God, please help me..
for sake people around me too..
definitely for my sake too..
i do not want people run away from me..
just because i comfortable being silence..
at that same time i'm suffer in silence too..
i want to communicate but i feel uneasy..feel awkward..feel i force myself..
what kind of problematic i am,huh...

so, what are solutions i should do?
-pray with full heart..
-be sensitive with everything so each time i make complain i make sound? might end with annoying huh..?
-make a joke? i'm not a good joker but i can be mengada person but i'm not brave enough to show to people..menyampah plak nanti kan..
-find more friends?
 what else???
well, maybe i can start with pray with full heart first...yup..
pray with full heart..
 then, check it out whether a month i'm still facing the same problem or not..
right..end here JIWA KOSONG