Sunday, December 1, 2013

TraVel Log ~ PeRak


Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan untuk menaip di laman penulisan..This time my entry about my journey to Perak. The main purpose was attending University's friend wedding. At the same time, I had reunion with my friends..

It just an instinct that after got invitation from this friend which I want to go to her wed. Moreover, the wed fell on Saturday which is the day I'm not working. For her husband side, fell on Saturday which is I need to work. I thought my wish to go to Perak would not come true but luckily I found that my other two friends want go to Perak. From that, I decided to go to Perak even I never go there before this. Here, the journey begins.

I took half day holiday and requested from my colleagues to help fetch me from my rental house and sent me to KTM Sg. Buloh. Then, I took LRT to Plaza Rakyat from KL Central. There, I bought bus ticket to Ipoh Perak at 3.30pm.

I arrived Perak at 7.30pm and rushing to prayer room. There, I found my friends. And guess what we did after that...GOSSIP GIRLS was wonderful can teasing and laughing after 1 year finish study with our beloved friends...=D

After that, we straight to the hotel after having a dinner at Mydin. It just beside Aman Jaya Terminal. At hotel, we clean up our body and sleep. With that, one night had passed.

Next morning, we woke up and ready for our journey to Kamunting, Perak for Atiqah's wedding. Our friend who originally from Ipoh fetch us around 9.30am and she bring us to stall opposite to State Mosque for our breakfast. And finally, we had opportunity to eat bread and half cook eggs that she always tell us when we still study at UTM.  Besides that, she also ordered Married Bread for us.  =D

This bread and half cook eggs

This is Married Bread.. Just put kaya and planta in the middle...

This place is memorial site of W.W. Birch.. Not sure la memorial or what but is about W.W. Birch...

This is State Mosque of Perak.

After taking some picture, we heading to Kamunting and arrived at 12.30pm and right on the right time the bride come to see the groom. Because of the groom is soldier then the bride and groom have opportunities to walk under swords.  =D Then, we came to see the bride and groom for pictures..

After taking the pictures, we heading to the next destination which is Taiping Zoo.. We took bus in order to surround the zoo area. The zoo quite dangerous for me for those who walking by because they might be hit by tree branches because there was incident where suddenly tree branches fell down on the bus rooftop since that time the wind so strong. Other than that, everything was okay.. =D Lets look at the pictures but no animal pictures...hehe

After went to zoo we heading to Taman Tasik for taking boad trip around the lake however because of not enough time we just sat and gave pallet to the fishes.. Then, we straight to my friend's house for dinner before go to hotel.

We ate Mee Rebus and Laksa..It so delicious.. =D First time eat Mee Rebus.. =D

On second night, three of us need to go home since they had something need to do.. so, we sent them at Aman Jaya Terminal. Me and another my friend go back to Selangor on Sunday sent by my friend's father accompanied by her sister. This because she need to go back to Penang on Sunday morning.

I arrived my rental house at 5.45pm by taking taxi from KTM Sg. Buloh. It was so fun can meet again my friends and hopefully we will have opportunity to spend time together in the future.

The End

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Broga Hills~ wish came true


Alhamdulillah...sekian 5 bulan xupdate blog..akhirnya ada gak kesempatan, cerita dan mood utk post blog..Alhamdulillah gak...walau kerja biasa2 aje...tapi no stress at all and happy...even ada gak yg kurang yg i'm still searching to fulfill my responsible as a slave to my God.

So, what am i gonna to story here just one of my activity done with my colleagues. Actually, since started worked had one activitiy done by my company. I'm not remember whether i told in this blog or not. The activity was ate steamboat at Bandar Pinggiran Subang, not far from my rental house and company. It just took 15-20 minutes to arrive.

After that on 19th Oct. 2013, I spent time together with my close colleagues played bowling at The Curve, then karaoke at Firezone at Kota Damansara. The places just took around plus minus 20-30 minutes from my company. That was Saturday and we planed to hike Broga Hill for the next day. After arrived my rental house, me and my colleague, Gee cooked Sardin for sandwich and nugget to eat them at the peak of Broga Hill.

We departed at 5.15 am on Sunday and arrived at the Broga's foothills around 6.45am. That time, the sun already started to show its face since Fajr early around 5.55am if i'm not mistaken. If your stamina is good then it just take half  an hour to arrive first peak. The view from this peak already nice if you take the picture. It is still have another three peaks but in my opinion the best view you should take the picture is at the first and second peak.

*Second peak*

However, we stopped at second peak to have our breakfast which are sardin sandwich and nugget. After half an hour, four of us decided to continue hiked until the third peak only because you need to climb the big rock by using a rope to arrive fourth peak. Moreover, like I said the view not so nice from there. The other two person stayed at the second peak to take short sleep since that was their first time need to wake up early. That's their answer not me ya..hehe..

*yeow, mie, me, gee, zani*

 *yeow, me, abg ad, mie, gee*

 *breakfast time*

*view third peak from second base peak*

* at third peak*

At 9.30am we decided to down the hill. After arrived foothill, we stayed around 1 hour because one of the driver needed to sleep before continue drive. After that, we ate lunch at Kota Damansara and I arrived my rental house around 2 pm.

* Foothill*

Hiked Broga Hill make me wanna to hike another hill and wish to do come back by hiking any mountain. But, I'm not sure since I dun have most of the hiking equipments required because once back I already decided to stop hike any mountain.

So, I'm waiting for the opportunity to do another adventure activities..

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spread the Positiveness


I just want to share with you the input that my mom got from her participation in talk with Prof Muhaya..
I do not know what its tittle but mostly about to bring positiveness attitude in workplace..
What is the most interesting in this talk is the experiment done by Prof Muhaya..

The experiment is want to show that how positive attitude or feeling can make our body stand strong and to show how bad or negative attitude or feeling can cause our body immune drop..

There are two parts..first the effect of our attitude or feeling to our body and second is the effect of people around us attitude to our body..

PM: prof Muhaya, A= audience

First Part:
PM asked the A to lift his right hand to the same level of his chest. Then PM asked A to think about someone whose he really love to communicate, work with or so on. After that, PM pushed down A's hand only with one finger. The result was it was hard for PM to push down A's hand.

Second experiment was PM asked to do the same thing with different question that was to think someone whose he really hate. The result was it was easy to push down A's hand.

Third question was what is A's love to do and last question was what is A's fear..the result was hard for PM to push down the A's hand and easy for PM pushed down A's hand, respectively.

Second part:
PM asked A's eyes being closed and told to other audience to give the feeling toward A. With sign, one for love two for otherwise. After that, PM said one..then, PM tried to push down A's hand. It was hard to push down A's hand while PM said easy PM pushed down A's hand. It was repeatedly done and give the same result. Then, A was told to open his eyes and PM explained to him what kind of other audience need to do.

I was impressed by my mom's story and asked her to do the experiment to me..the result was yes..when our mind and feeling is positive we have strong ability and otherwise if we have negative thinking. It really made me laughed for several minutes for that. Next day, I asked my sister to do the same thing..and she also laughed because it is all true... XD

So, this is why my entry entitle Spread the Positiveness!!
 ^________^ (v)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Ada pepatah Melayu mengatakan "Kerana mulut badan binasa"
Iye..berdasarkan pengalaman hidup 23 years plus..pepatah melayu tu dah banyak kali kene kat aku..
Mostly bila kata2 tu telah dipengaruhi emosi..biasa la perempuan cepat emo, bila dh emosi...mst la nk menang kan..menegakkn pendirian yg kte rasa..tu yg berdas-das tu..
akibatnya..haaa..nama sendiri yg tercalar..hati juga tercalar..tambah2 bila tewas dlm menegakkan pe yg kta nk tegakkn..time tu rasa dh berpuluh2 setan gelak sakan kt diri sendiri..kuang ajaaaaq!!!

Sekarang zaman dunia di hujung, tgn pon boleh menjadikan badan binasa..seperti ape ek..penulisan tu mampu menyedarkan pe ntah..alaa..slalu ayat tu selalu diungkapkan dalam buku sejarah...dlm erti pendek tgn juga mmpu menggantikan mulut utk menegakkn pe yg kta rse..silap gaya dan cara..nama kte juga mmpu tercalar..

Akibat siri kecalaran nama dan hati..bkn ketercalaran ye....ter hanya termaktub pd situasi yg tidak disengajakan..haha..igt tu ye..makanya..sekarang aku amat berhati2 dalam penulisan..dalam share2...dalam like2...kalau awal2 diri diselubungi emosi..jgn taip apa2...kalau awal2 ok kemudian tetiba mula diselubungi emosi...ok follow otak stop typing..jgn degil..that it...

Itu tgn...mulut mcm mna yg payah sikit..keberkesanan mengawal mulut dan intonasi serta piching tu hanya among family member...if outside keberkesanan tu almost aku susah nk kawal sbb mgkn dr kecik ak mcm ni..ckp dgn nada ble ak ckp nada laen ckp ak mcm ckp laen xdgr..lps tu bila sesuatu xkne cara nada ak terus naek..padahal ak xmarah tp org laen ckp ak marah...bagaimanakah ye ingin berkata2 dlm nada yg lemah lembut..?sebab kata2 yg lembut itu mampu mencairkan hati yg keras...terpikir gak adakah hati ak keras so kata2 ak keras..?

Muslim itu salah satu peribadinya lemah lembut..Allah sendiri Maha lemah lembut..menyukai org yg lemah lembut..ak nk jd lemah lembut, ia menjadi sesuatu yg slalu berlegar2 dlm minda dan benak ak..

Taip punya taip..tetiba dari kerana mulut badan binasa jd isu lemah lembut lak kn...haaa..xpa..sbb lemah lembut la pasti kata2 dan ayat2 yg dihasilkan menjadi lembut sehingga menyentuh hati qalbu yg laen..xgiteww..hek3...maka pengakhirannya..nama terjaga hati pon terjaga..setan berasap2..hehe..

Marilah berusaha ke arah akhlak yg terpuji..ble akhlak terpuji..disokong kuat dgn ibadah yg diperintahkan..In sya Allah..non muslim akn tertarik dgn Islam..sekian..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

If Tomorrow Never Comes~


Earlier April this year, i got new experience...experience naik ambulance..time tu saket..tak tahu apa punca..balik dari career fair..dgn saket tulang belakang sampai kaki..xlunch..bila malam temperature bdn trus naek mendadak..ok fine...i got fever..first thought it was normal..penat melampau mungkin..

However, after several hour, demam disertai cirit birit...bayangkan lepas keluar toilet..take time pakai seluar..jln 10 langkah ke bilik..baring...perot start berkeroncong...and in 30 second nk g toilet lg..always be like that sampai bile rasa nk tut tut..buat xlyn...smpi xthn giler2 bru pergi toilet..berlarutan sampai 3 days..makan xyah cakap..mmg melantak bubur..bkn melantak pon just mampu makan setengah senduk je tu pon nk habeskan payah..tekak mmg perit mcm ada somthing..

At third day, red rushes came mom dh risau suruh g klinik..mcm bse jmpe doc mmg kemalasan yg teramat nyata bg nak baek..g jugak..after check..doc ckp suspect denggi..doc suruh g another klinik tok check darah..sempat berseloroh.."Jangan lak awk mati esok.." thanks doc ats kerisauan doc tu...

Next day, g amek darah kat klinik laen..ok..this is my first, tarik nafas pjg..psikokn dri..juz relak and feel the pain..sempat gak doc tu tnye soklan cepu emas.."Nak jarum besar ke kck?" hek?? ak pon tnye la konon2 professional.." pe bezanye?" doc ckp jarum bsr sakit..jarum kck kurang saket.." ak pon gelak la...then ckp mst la nk jarum kck..haha..ntah2 saja xnk kc ak takut..After got the result, doc tu xckp pon kat ak..dia pgl doc laen..and doc laen tu iv ak..ak jwb dgn perasaan terpingga..yela..lau betol kene denggi staright mcm nk buat drama bikin ak terpingga..then, doc laen tu habaq ak suspect denggi..lps tu kene masuk air..

Masuk air pon first time tu...boleh tahan la saketnye..xlama tu doc yg awl td soh g hospital..naek ambulance..waahh ambulance gitew...ble ambulance smpi..naek la dan bergerak menuju ke hospital..feelingnye..mak aihh ganas betol..rse nk tcampak pon ada padahal bunyi siren xdibunyikan..

Sampai hospital kene amek darah ag..ok fineee..yg ni mmg xtahan..first time gak merasa saketnye ble org yg amek darah xreti cari urat..lps tu ckp darah ak beku..then, amek darah second time bru ok..time tgu result darah tu..mcm2 ak pkr..mmg time tu ak dh pkr kalau ak mati mcm mna..yela..dri masih byk kekurangan kn..mmg menginsafkan time saket ni..then, ble result kua..doc ckp ley balik tp esknye still kne dtg amk result..

dan berlanjutan smpi lusanye..lusa tu alhamdulillah..doc ckp ak dh pulih..still bdn lemah2..mkn dh ok sikit...mmg ketara prot mmg rse xsdp sepanjang saket, sudah pulih..

Lesson yg ak dpt semasa dan selepas sakit =>Sakit penghapus dosa, bersabar ketika sakit, mati lg dekat dr kiamat, timbul kesedaran bekalan sgt sikit and membuatkan ak ingin berusaha memperbaiki amalan and menambah bekalan..sesungguhnya azab Allah sgt pedih bg org2 yg ingkar perintahNya..semoga Allah memberi kekuatan kpdku..amin..

Last but not least..sakit nk tanggal jarum masuk air tu mak aihh..smpi nk terangkat bdn ak..tu pon staf hospital buatkn...poyo je dlm cite kat tv tu cabut sndri..xdan xkua drh bgai...okaayyy...nama pon cite itu pembohongan yg amt nyata bg ak..ak tertipu tipah..satu kebenaran telah dibongkar...hak3..

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sembang santai

A: Ko plak rasa ak nie mcm mne? haaaa...
B: Ko baek...
A: Yeke baek? jujur la...
B: Ko baek..
A: Lagi..lagi..lagi...
B: Ko rajin...masak basuh pinggan sume...lepas tu ko garang...
A: Aku garang ke?
B: sikit sikit la...lepas tu ko bising/bebel...sampai sakit telinga lau dengan kawan ko....sopan betul..tak banyak cakap..sampai aku pon pelik...bdk ni kenapa...saja ke...hahaha
A: Hahaha...ntah...ak pon xtau nape mcm tu...bla..bla...bla...

Rasa-rasa  A ni menghidap split personaliti ke? ke sebab A begitu berhati-hati dgn kwn2 nye agr kwn2nye tidak terluka dgn perangai bila bersama B? yela...A dan B...bagai air dicincang tidak akan putus..aku pon confius dgn perangai A ni...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ma Bad Habit #2

Assalamualaikum and very gud evening everyone...
feeling presentation gitew kn..=D

Tonite i will tell my second bad habit which is i should stop it..
it is for my own good sake...

that habit is....

u know what is melatah?
Melatah is an action being made spontaneously after being shocked by other people or situation intentionally or not...
haaaa ko...define in my own word...gitew..

Based on my experience la kn..
it starts intentionally actually..terikut-ikut kn..xpon rse takot sgt smpi bdn pon kc reaction yg xterjangka...
gitew la...
kalau me la kan..word yg kua if terperanjat..
'makcik ko' la yg plg kerap disebut...
if someone i know, word yg disebut kalau melatah is patoookkk..
gitew..ish2...kelakar pon ada...
me xdala kelakar sgt kn..haha

but, starting for today..
i would  like to stop saying like makcik ko if terperanjat..
nk rse mcm ala...bse je xterkejut pon...hello, terkejut sgt okay smbl tgn dibahu mata pndg atas (not cacat okay..haha)...haa..gitew la..
if xdpt nk diselamatkan..
i wanna say 'Astaghfirullahila'dzim' haaa..
ustaz in halaqah (if not mistaken) 2 minggu lepas pon dh kc advice mcm tu..hehe
bermakna ckit kn word tu right...hehe..

Then, i wanna change for my own good..
pray for me..^_~
till then..

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ma Bad Habit!!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi para pembaca sekalian..XD

I'm back to my writing world..
bajet ada org laen tunggu nk bca entry hang mcm femes blogger noo..hek.

actually byk la ma bad habit laen pon sama kn..
tp xkn nk cite sume kn...jatuh la saham kan..hehe
however, seem it to be have related with my confidence level..
so, i gonna talk bout it...
what is my ma bad habit yg ley ganggu ma confidence level ni..?

santek x bibir dia?
santek kn..and sexy i guess...haha

it just can't help it when the skin start to dry..
haaa..mula la tangan ni...
i know...i know...
need to drink a lot...use lipbalm..
i'm working on it...haaa..
so far xthn lama..
gigih bli varselin..smpi nk tdo pon pkai tau..haaa..
just part air tu la...kne sediakan big bottle air putih kot dlm blik ni..haaa...

bkn pe..lau bibir xsihat mcm mne nk pkai lipstick kn..
nk bajet howt kn..
rse xcomplete je..i know i'm not so santek like public figure..but as long as it looks normal then it give me confident..give satisfy feeling bout ma self or can say like this.... I normaaaaalllll bebeh....mcm tu la...

so, i hope i can overcome this that i can walk n talk confidently to everyone and everywhere..
at the same time my heart scream..


gitewww la alkisahnye...


Saturday, March 9, 2013

AiNA & LiNA dh taWen!!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat petang..

Alangkah bahagiannya diri ini andai dapat bersama-sama memeriahkan wedding Lina, my UTM's friend..she's getting married today!!! wuwuwu
u buat i makin xsabar nak tawen gak...
nk tawen..nk tawen..nk tawen..
haha..*slap at palm face ^_<

This is Lina..latest pic yg ada dlm simpanan..hek3

Never mind..later i will look at all pictures about her wedding..XD
now..lets take a look some pictures of my classmate's wedding last Saturday..
 the best about her wed was it managed to gather many of others classmate
dah lama xkumpul reramai...hehe
Bride & bridegroom..

Ladies with bride & bridegroom

All together

Waiting to take pictures with bride&bridegroom..XD


ladies agaainn!!
the ladies soooo santeekkk..

so..that the end of my entry..
i pray for those who juz married and already married they will live happily with their husband..
making many cuteyyy3 son and daughter...hek3..
so, who next?? 
wa chau dlu..papai..
Assalamualaikum.. ^_<

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey ASET is so's so fuuunn!!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Long time menyepi tanpa sebarang new entry..just sedang dalam pencarian diri...haha..hey..what ASET? ASET stand for Accelerated Skills Enhancement Trainning...I joined the program for 6 weeks..The program can vanish your shyness to speak English, dance in front of people and sing out of loud...seyesly..with open your mind and be sporting..who care for others thinking..for sure without out from religion line. XD

Enjoy some pictures!!
it begins with 20 of us then reduce to 17 of us include cameraman..

 meeting role play
telefon karat game-ala-ala running man tu...lukis2..

some of our vision board during MAP session

one of the game to show how focus we are with the instruction with eyes closed
get ready for FLASHMOB in front of Wisma Belia's entrance

prepare for Talk Show recording

ketupat making as one of the activity under writing instruction and description module

Many games and sing as our energizer..our feveret games are power,snake,stone,water game like stone scissor,and water game and look down and look up game..when look up we need to see others face,if that other person look at us back then we need to scream and two of us are out..practice our cheer and class song..and of course learn several module..


This is us..until the last day..16 of us with our trainer Mrs. Jo
only 6 weeks but the rapport looks like has been built for a few months..

til we meet again at our graduation day this Thursday without Izzah and Adila..
Insya Allah..XD

with this one journey has passed...


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Empty Heart (Jiwa kosong)


Yes...itu la word yang dapat menggambarkan apa yang aku rasa sekarang..
jiwa aku kosong..
no excitement..
want to feel happy tapi jiwa rasa biasa2 ajer...
i'm craving for something extraordinary unexpected fun thing...
doing crazy thing..
that is what i think i want..
but i'm not sure whether that is really really what i want..
well, sometime when we have empty heart it might have something wrong with relationship with our Creator too..
so, i do not know which one reason give me that empty heart..
Always my problem where i do not know the reason when something wrong happen to me..
Oh God, please help me..
for sake people around me too..
definitely for my sake too..
i do not want people run away from me..
just because i comfortable being silence..
at that same time i'm suffer in silence too..
i want to communicate but i feel uneasy..feel awkward..feel i force myself..
what kind of problematic i am,huh...

so, what are solutions i should do?
-pray with full heart..
-be sensitive with everything so each time i make complain i make sound? might end with annoying huh..?
-make a joke? i'm not a good joker but i can be mengada person but i'm not brave enough to show to people..menyampah plak nanti kan..
-find more friends?
 what else???
well, maybe i can start with pray with full heart first...yup..
pray with full heart..
 then, check it out whether a month i'm still facing the same problem or not..
right..end here JIWA KOSONG