Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scenery of Malacca...


It becomes my every semester planning where at least in each semester I have to go somewhere new place...For the second semester, I spent a few days of my semester break at Kelantan. Even not so many places I can visit at Kelantan but it is enough for me to feel new environment.

For the next two semester, I hiked two mountain at different at Pahang and another place at Perak...Not forgotten, I went also to Singapore with my friends.

This semester also....I managed to bring myself to Malacca after almost 10 years I went there with my family. This time I went with my friends Since it is last years for us being together before graduate.

30/9/2011 until 3/10/2011
sweet memories in Malacca

*Long flyover at Malacca where connect between Malacca Central and Mydin*

*Inside Mydin*
Just looking around and eat new food...(forgot the name) huhu...
For this moment, I only see this food at Mydin and Malacca Central.

*Inside Taming Sari Tower before it start to go up*
From top view, we can see scenery all around of Malacca.

*Inside Malacca Point (MP)*
It is a shopping complex. Before enter MP, we went to one market (forgot the name) to see for souvenirs. Inside MP also, there are many souvenirs to buy for our beloved ones. ^_^

*Dataran pahlawan*


*Malacca river cruise*

......Next day......


* Wonderland*

Sunday's night,
We took bus went back to UTM....

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