Sunday, December 1, 2013

TraVel Log ~ PeRak


Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan untuk menaip di laman penulisan..This time my entry about my journey to Perak. The main purpose was attending University's friend wedding. At the same time, I had reunion with my friends..

It just an instinct that after got invitation from this friend which I want to go to her wed. Moreover, the wed fell on Saturday which is the day I'm not working. For her husband side, fell on Saturday which is I need to work. I thought my wish to go to Perak would not come true but luckily I found that my other two friends want go to Perak. From that, I decided to go to Perak even I never go there before this. Here, the journey begins.

I took half day holiday and requested from my colleagues to help fetch me from my rental house and sent me to KTM Sg. Buloh. Then, I took LRT to Plaza Rakyat from KL Central. There, I bought bus ticket to Ipoh Perak at 3.30pm.

I arrived Perak at 7.30pm and rushing to prayer room. There, I found my friends. And guess what we did after that...GOSSIP GIRLS was wonderful can teasing and laughing after 1 year finish study with our beloved friends...=D

After that, we straight to the hotel after having a dinner at Mydin. It just beside Aman Jaya Terminal. At hotel, we clean up our body and sleep. With that, one night had passed.

Next morning, we woke up and ready for our journey to Kamunting, Perak for Atiqah's wedding. Our friend who originally from Ipoh fetch us around 9.30am and she bring us to stall opposite to State Mosque for our breakfast. And finally, we had opportunity to eat bread and half cook eggs that she always tell us when we still study at UTM.  Besides that, she also ordered Married Bread for us.  =D

This bread and half cook eggs

This is Married Bread.. Just put kaya and planta in the middle...

This place is memorial site of W.W. Birch.. Not sure la memorial or what but is about W.W. Birch...

This is State Mosque of Perak.

After taking some picture, we heading to Kamunting and arrived at 12.30pm and right on the right time the bride come to see the groom. Because of the groom is soldier then the bride and groom have opportunities to walk under swords.  =D Then, we came to see the bride and groom for pictures..

After taking the pictures, we heading to the next destination which is Taiping Zoo.. We took bus in order to surround the zoo area. The zoo quite dangerous for me for those who walking by because they might be hit by tree branches because there was incident where suddenly tree branches fell down on the bus rooftop since that time the wind so strong. Other than that, everything was okay.. =D Lets look at the pictures but no animal pictures...hehe

After went to zoo we heading to Taman Tasik for taking boad trip around the lake however because of not enough time we just sat and gave pallet to the fishes.. Then, we straight to my friend's house for dinner before go to hotel.

We ate Mee Rebus and Laksa..It so delicious.. =D First time eat Mee Rebus.. =D

On second night, three of us need to go home since they had something need to do.. so, we sent them at Aman Jaya Terminal. Me and another my friend go back to Selangor on Sunday sent by my friend's father accompanied by her sister. This because she need to go back to Penang on Sunday morning.

I arrived my rental house at 5.45pm by taking taxi from KTM Sg. Buloh. It was so fun can meet again my friends and hopefully we will have opportunity to spend time together in the future.

The End

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