Sunday, April 1, 2012

Turning Point..

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim~ last I can serve internet with open heart...for a while la kan..
since I'm not doing anything yet for my homework...
why? because I'm toooo busyyyy...busy la sangat kan...haha
the truth is lazy to think bout the homework..haha..

well, there is a reason why I act like that..
it is because my head and my heart always think about seeking a job...
it was so suddenly when i start eager to find a job after graduating...

It was started last Thursday...
my course society held an event bout career exhibition...
I planed to go to the event at Thursday with my friends..
hopefully I got strength from my friends to drop the resume..
but half hour before that I edited my resume and I can't finish it so my friends went there first..
and my friend said they has a meeting with supervisor after that.. killing my hope..
I afraid to go there alone..!!
so, I slept til 2pm..and went class at 3pm..

At night, I prepared my mental and emotion and made up a strategy to brave myself go to career exhibition alone..Whatever it was I must go there..
Morning Friday, it was a cheer and beautiful day for me..i dun know why..
I went to UTMost and class...(insyaAllah..i'll tell about UTMost is about later)
about 10.30am..
I went to career exhibition, well...not many people there..
and had a talk when I stepped into the exhibition hall..
so, I heard talk till it finish and started looking around..
first booth I went is Fibertex Personal Care..
After asked several question to the representative from Fibertex..
it interested me to drop the resume..and that was the only one booth I drop the resume..

At 1.10pm, I got a call from Fibertex for interview..
in my heart..OMG ok..
and start to prepare all stuff needed from bout the company til the attire..
Luckily, there were several my other friends got a call for interview too..
it really lower my nervousness...
When I stepped into a interview room, the interview started..
It was a cool interview for me because I can feel that I try my best to sell myself..
and the environment of interview not so dull or tense..haha
after interview session, I feel that it was TURNING POINT moment for me...

why? because I afraid with interview..there were several mock interview I done but I never satisfied with it...and I hate it..I'm not confident with it..
It all started from perfect interview when I was form 1..
I can't answer the question..nooo..I answered it but the teacher not accept my answer...
it was so sad,....i can't accept that..truly...feel like my tear want to drop at that time but I hold it very hard..seriously...=,=

but, thanks to Fibertex because give me hope to not afraid anymore on interview..
and yesterday and today...I had How to Get Yourself Employed (HTGYE) course..
and it gave me extra information so I more ready for interview from on how to write the attractive resume til interview session..
and mock interview..opkos...first time my heart beat so fast and want to out from my chest.. was nice experience for me..^_^
most important, I proud with myself cause I success overcome my enemy from secondary school...
Thanks God give me strength and opportunity...^_^

*can't wait for holiday at Tioman Island for this mid sem break!! ^_^
hopefully everything go smoothly...amiiinn...

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